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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Greek Life? ​
Greek Life at Monmouth College will open up various networking opportunities for you and your chapter. Through building stronger relationships with the College, local organizations, alumni, and even National Headquarters, Greek Life will allow you to meet the right people that could potentially help you with your career down the line. Aside from networking, Greek Life will allow you to take pride in your college community. Getting involved in your campus is one of the "must do's" of your college experience. Fraternities are also great at helping shape new leaders. The possibility of being on an Executive Board will help enhance your own professional skills. In the end, you'll gain more from your experience by being involved in the Monmouth community along with your fellow Greeks. 


If I join, do I have to stay all 4 years? 
Short answer is no. You do not have to stay all four years in the fraternity! While it's recommended and ideal for you to do so, we know that not everything may go the way you planned it. However, disaffiliating will not relieve you of any debts you may owe to the Fraternity. You will be required to pay those remaining debts even once you disaffiliate. For specifics reach out to our Financial Director, Collin Heslin. ( 

Wouldn't I just be paying for friends?
We hope not. A fraternity is more than just social club - it's a brotherhood. We all share a special bond that allows us to call ourselves brothers. We work as brothers, grow as brothers, and fail as brothers. A fraternity is anything that you're willing to put into it. If you're not willing to put in anything, then maybe it isn't for you. 
Regardless, brothers still have their friends outside of the Fraternity. The experiences that they have with their friends versus their brothers are completely different. Hopefully by the end of your college career you'll be able to have different people that you can call family. 


What does ZBT do on campus? 
The fraternity takes part in multiple philanthropic and community service events (listed down below). Aside from this, the Fraternity attempts to be involved in as many events as possible, ranging from other fundraisers, sporting events, intramurals, Homecoming in the Fall and Greek Week in Spring. 


Gift of Life Swab Drive (Bone Marrow Registry)

Fundraiser for Jewish Women International (JWI)

Annual Pancake Dinner (American Cancer Society)

Get on the Ball (Children's Miracle Network)

Community Service:

MLK Day of Service at Monmouth College

Alternative Spring Break with the James & Sybil Stockdale Fellows

Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup


Will I have to do things against my will in order to get in? 

No. ZBT is a strict NON PLEDGING and NON HAZING Fraternity. As soon as you're initiated, you are guaranteed full rights as a brother of Zeta Beta Tau. We can't speak for other fraternities on campus. 


Who can join a Fraternity (Specifically ZBT)? 

Fraternities have different requirements for prospective members. For ZBT, one must identify as a male. Zeta Beta Tau does not discriminate anyone based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. An individual must also meet the academic requirement of a 2.70 unweighted GPA. 


If I attend Recruitment Week events, do I have to join? 

No! We want you to make the right decision. As fellow Greeks, we would recommend checking out all of the fraternities on campus before settling on any organization!


How will ZBT affect my time and academics?

ZBT has many members that are incredibly involved on and off campus that hold excellent GPAs. Trends have shown that students involved in Greek Life tend to excel academically.

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